Christi Mueller Caspe, Certified Rolfer, LMT, RYT

                                                                                  Photo Credit: Chris Appoldt

My goal is to create ease in movement for all bodies.  As a Certified Rolfer™, Yoga teacher, and lifelong trained dancer, I understand how to facilitate restoration and maximum potential in a body. I have spent years developing my skills and through my wellness practice, I aim to share my experience and enable others to take their own journey towards that ease. 

I work with clients to relieve injuries, harmful and painful postural habits, and movement restrictions through specialized manual therapy and movement analysis. Through this integrative approach, the body can now operate with a healthier pattern of function and balance.

At an early age I developed an understanding of the body’s need for structural integrity without strain through my ballet and modern dance training. I also gained an appreciation for the kind of care and attention the body requires in order to live comfortably and to prevent injury.  

I discovered Rolfing when an old injury become painful and unmanageable despite my best efforts at self-care. Rolfing helped me develop a whole new level of potential and ease in my body that I never knew was possible.  

I believe that all bodies have the potential for ease in movement regardless of medical history or physical fitness and it can be found through a journey of transformation. 

Member of the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI) & the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration (RISI).  




Upper East Side & Flatiron