Rolfing Structural Integration


Christi Mueller Caspe uses a unique therapy called Rolfing® Structural Integration to address dysfunction, immobility, strain, and instability --often the cause of injury, pain, tension, and poor posture-- in the body. As a Certified Rolfer™, she addresses each layer of the body in order to reorganize the structure to establish a more balanced, functional and healthy system. In order for muscular efficiency, body function, balance, awareness, mobility, quality of sleep, and ease in movement to be restored, the whole body needs to be worked including the fascias, muscles, organs, bones, vascular system, and nerve networks.

All bodies can benefit from Rolfing regardless of age, physical fitness, or medical history. It is ideal for those seeking more adaptability and flexibility, and those who want to connect with and understand their bodies better.

Rolfing helps improve the quality of the tissues resulting in a better functioning system as a whole. And when the body has been reoriented towards its natural alignment, it has an incredible ability to heal itself.

For example, it is highly effective in helping women reorganize their bodies both before and after natural and c-section child births, even if years have passed since the birth.

At least three sessions are usually recommended for most clients, but even one session can be beneficial. For the most long term results, clients may consider participating in the Rolfing® Ten-Series

Based on the work originally developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf (May 19, 1896 – March 19, 1979) in the 1940's-1950’s. Dr. Rolf was a biochemist whose work was greatly inspired by early osteopathy and chiropractic, yoga, and movement education. Since Dr. Rolf's time, the technique has continued to evolve to reflect and incorporate the latest in medical advances and research on pain and neuroscience.