Session rates


Intro to Rolfing - $80

The Introduction to Rolfing session is for first-time clients and is intended for those new to Rolfing who want to explore the work and its potential benefits. Sessions are 45 minutes and include consultation, analysis, suggested treatment plan, and hands-on structural therapy.


Full Rolfing Session - $180

Full Rolfing sessions are 75 minutes. Each session includes check-in and analysis to evaluate your progress, hands-on structural therapy, and movement education and customized suggested exercises and concepts for clients to work with at home. 


Short Rolfing Session - $125

Short Rolfing sessions are 45 minutes. Short sessions follow the same format as a full session but in a more limited timeframe.


Community Session

Community Sessions are 45 minutes and are reserved for students, veterans, or those with limited income. Please inquire about rates and availability.