the Rolfing Ten-Series

Rolfing® Structural Integration - Rolfer™ Christi Mueller Caspe


The Rolfing® Ten-Series is a set of ten Rolfing® Structural Integration sessions that systematically balance and optimize both the structure (alignment) and function (movement) of the entire body. Each session strategically focuses on different areas of the anatomy to address any dysfunction present and works within that area to improve its relationship to gravity and its relation to the rest of the body. All sessions seek to increase adaptability, build a more ‘architecturally sound’ body, and maximize the potential for your structure. Each session is approached and adapted specifically for the client to address individual structure and goals.  

The Rolfing® Ten-Series sessions are divided into three sections, the Sleeve, the Core, and the Integrative sessions. All sessions include neck and back work as well as movement education.  

Sessions 1-3: The Sleeve
S1 - Prepares the body for the Rolfing series. Enhances the quality of breath through work on the shoulders, ribcage, and respiratory diaphragm. Opening is also started in the hips and upper legs.
S2 - Creates a new foundation for the body by addressing the feet, lower legs, and knees.
S3 - Establishes a sense of the front and back of the body by working the side line. Introduces an understanding of how the head, shoulder girdle, and hips are positioned in relation to each other.

Sessions 4-7: The Core
S4 - Introduces a mid-line by working the inside arch of the foot and up the inner line of the leg, extending up to the bottom of the pelvis.
S5 - Balances surface and deep abdominal and lower torso muscles including the psoas muscles and low back.
S6 - Addresses the support and movement from the legs, pelvis and lower back via the sacrum.
S7 - Addresses the head to body relationship with work on the shoulders, neck, jaw, and head.

Sessions 8-10: Whole Body Integration
S8 and S9 - These sessions are unique to each client dependent on 10-Series goals for that individual. One session will be on the upper body while the other will be done on the lower body.
S10 - Solidifies a sense of order for the body and brings the series to a close by balancing the horizontals and the structural relationships as a whole.



Christi Mueller Caspe, Certified Rolfer™, LMT, RYT

NoMad Broadway, Flatiron, Upper East Side & Fairfield County