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Rolfing® Structural Integration


Structural Therapy is a unique way for your body to achieve its optimal state of being by using Rolfing® Structural Integration to address dysfunction, strain, holding patterns, and instability --often the primary causes of injury, pain, tension, and poor posture-- through a specialized hands-on approach.

Through an intuitive and gentle but effective touch, Christi Mueller Caspe helps clients increase function, balance, awareness, mobility, and ease in movement in their bodies. This work is essential for pain reduction, injury rehabilitation and prevention, overall stiffness, and beneficial for all ages, body types, and quality of health.

Locations in New York City (NoMad, Flatiron, and Upper East Side) and Fairfield County (New Canaan), Connecticut. 


Christi Mueller Caspe, Certified Rolfer™, LMT, RYT

NoMad Broadway, Flatiron, Upper East Side & Fairfield County